Fascinating Fourth Grade!

Ahhh…fourth grade…a banner year filled with wonderful writing, challenging curriculum, wonderful writing, conceptual math, wonderful writing, novel units of fascinating tales, and did you know, wonderful writing?!  The amazing classroom leaders/coaches pictured here are Shannon Williams, Brittany Cole, Jane Crisp, and Jennifer Kids…and they fill your child’s fourth grade year with compelling curriculum, life lessons, and fascinating learning fun!

By fourth grade, our learners should have solid foundations in the fundamentals of all core subjects.  These talented classroom leaders take the raw reading, writing, math, science, and social studies skills of previous educational experiences at the beginning of the year and masterfully weave them into a colorful tapestry of amazing writing processes and products throughout the course of the school year.  While writing and Texas history are strong focuses in fourth grade, the educational adventures, humorous experiences, and unique views on a variety of topics and interests challenge each learner to think (and write) beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary.  As a fourth grade friend shared with me: “Mrs. Van, fourth grade teachers view our day as a continuous learning AND writing experience…my hand is sore everyday when I leave!”  🙂

Due to larger class sizes in our fourth grade this year, your personal assistance is very much appreciated.  The one thing you can do to best encourage your fourth grader is to write—write about everything from a list of groceries to a fun family weekend activity.  Tell stories, write stories, share stories together; turn your verbal thoughts into written expression so you model to your young writer.  The best writers write what they know; you have so much to share!  Join us in Fascinating Fourth Grade land this year!