JOYful Friday!

In a recent visit with a student, I was asked this interesting question:  “What is your favorite word, Mrs. Van?”  WOW!  This list is long (I do collect quotes, after all).  Like I shared during our Miller Team Huddle this morning, the one word bringing the biggest smile to my face would have to be the word JOY.  🙂  JOY is an icon of optimism with great hope, faith, and love mixed into it.  We are each blessed with beautiful expressions of JOY all around us everyday, especially on a school campus!  Today is certainly no exception…

We announced our new Student Honor Council after an intense application and interview process for fifth grade.  Congratulations go out to Ryan, Heather, Allie, Cameron, and Rustin.  They took their oath and pledge this morning in front of the entire school.  We look forward to their leadership throughout the coming year.

We also celebrated our All-Stars and the coveted MVP awards this morning during Huddle.  Special thanks to last week’s MVPs, Madelyn and Darren, as well as this week’s MVPs, McKenna, Connor, and Miranda.  These five Miller students have shown extraordinary character traits and qualities across all areas of our campus since the first day of school.  They also have the honor of wearing their own MVP shirt each week (thanks, Mr. Fio, for the design of our shirt; thanks, Miller Design Team for the idea this year!).

Our Panther readers faithfully came this morning and added to the excitement of the day.  You can see MISD Panther, Cody, surrounded by third graders who are grateful for his weekly reading contribution.  Thanks to our Panther players and coaches for this wonderful opportunity each week!  Go Panthers!

We are grateful for cooler temps, some rain sprinkles, and the coming change of the seasons.  Here’s hoping you find JOY in simply sublime ways today and everyday!

Note:  We are doing well on our Fun Run pledges; thanks for your support!  The Fun Run is next Thursday, September 20 throughout the morning.