Clap your hands!

“If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!”  A little learner sang this to me in the hallway today in order to have me join them in clapping my hands right after I announced our testing day was complete (in fact, beyond clapping my hands, I would have done some round-off flips if my physical-self had cooperated).  We started a conversation and I realized she really wanted me to get out the BIG clappers I keep for morning announcements and use these.  I was then treated to a brief explanation about how clapping hands became a sign of appreciation.  It turns out, humans clap with the palms of their hands, often in a rhythm to match sounds in music or dance or to express approval for something, such as the applause we give to performers.  Another young friend commented, “Did you know, Mrs. Van, seals are among some of the animals that clap as well for the same reasons as humans?”  I just never know which way my day will turn sometimes . . . .  🙂

We are definitely clapping our hands at Miller today because state assessments are nearly completed for the year!  We only have one day of makeups to go now.  Here’s hoping you clap your hands today and everyday for any reason you can imagine!

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