Long Live Earth!

I had the opportunity this morning to read with a group of young learners.  They specifically wanted a story about Earth Day and why we need to take care of our environment.  I chose a favorite book of mine called Long Live Earth by Meighan Morrison.  The author/illustrator combines beautiful hand-pieced quilt squares with poetry to tell a reflective tale about what generations of people have done to our planet and the current conditions we must address.  The story also carries a strong message of hope for the future: “This magnificent Earth deserves far better care; we can help in its rescue if we each do our share.” 

There was great discussion following the story and now these young learners are wanting to plant more trees (for shade as well as natural growth) and even a special veggie garden here at LME!  🙂

We continue to challenge all learners to think about their responsibility to not only personal spaces, but to our natural environment at large.  One quick example:  we recycle many items here daily at school and encourage you to do the same.  Yes, we must each do our share and here’s hoping you join us in this ongoing and critical endeavor.

Note:  The second edition of The Miller Bell newspaper is now online!  Thanks to our news staff of talented 5th grade writers for more outstanding reporting!

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