Challenges and gratefulness…Day #10

Today is our first year home-iversary in our newly adopted state of North Carolina.  As lifelong Texans , the saying holds true:  You can take the gal outta Texas, but not the Texas outta the gal!  Understandably, there were several adjustments and multiple challenges to a move across country.  Establishing residency in a new state, new/old home with unique systems to operate, new state legal documents, new state laws, new relationships to grow, new community to explore and serve, new traditions to create…new everything…takes patience, determination, and persistence to say the least.  A challenge is, after all, a test, a strain, a stretch…and yes, even a gift of gratefulness (when choosing the right attitude and effort).  🙂

As we reflected on the past year during a recent conversation, the question was posed, “What is one challenge you have overcome in the past year?”  Really?  Where do I start?!?

All cards on the table…if I had to choose just ONE challenge to overcome this past year, it’s simply reminding myself daily about self-care.  This life is a marathon and not a quick sprint.  I’m my own biggest obstacle at least 90% of the time (and will never reveal where I attribute the other 10%), especially when it comes to caring for myself.  Sure; I do medical appointments, personal maintenance, etc.  I’m talking about simply pacing and being kinder to myself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually while still nurturing everyone and everything around me.  Until now, I never consciously concentrated on this critical need; keeping everyone alive WAS the critical need.  I’m grateful to daily experience gentle ways in the art and science of self-care; it’s also paying off medically too!  So, here’s the same question for you to ponder:

Day #10:  What is ONE challenge you have overcome this year?  

Mindset is a powerful personal tool.  Facing a personal challenge head-on requires attitude and effort from deep within our well.  Focusing on gratefulness allows our well to fill to overflowing in miraculous ways, thus the well never runs dry.  Just remember I’m gratefully working alongside you daily as we overcome our challenges together!


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