A beneficial thing for which we are grateful; something bringing well-being or support; a prayer for God’s favor, grace, protection, and intercession…these are all considered blessings. Blessings bring a sense of peace, order, gratitude, and even surprise.  Ironically, the word originates from Old English (bledsian or consecrate with blood), Latin (benedicere–to praise or worship), Middle English (blessen) and Anglo-Saxon (bliss), thus creating what we use today:  bless.

As a southerner, I often hear the phrase: “well, bless your heart…”  While a sweet response in theory, this is not always meant as the kindest remark to receive. My Granny would softly sing me the words, “When you’re weary and you can’t sleep; count blessings instead of sheep; and you’ll fall asleep, counting your blessings…” I grew up singing or saying a blessing at the table before every family meal.  My sweet husband and I still practice a nightly ritual of sharing at least one blessing or gratitude of our day together before sleep.  During a phone conversation just the other day, a prickly friend commented, “well, bless his heart, he just wishes his blessings didn’t come in disguise all the time huh?!”  Of course, this instantly launched me into sharing my perspective on blessings, the ones we receive as well as the ones we gratefully bestow on others.  🙂

I strongly believe blessings abound all around us in everyday life.  From sunrise to sunset, gratefully opening the package of each day allows a new opportunity to enJOY the possibilities hidden inside.  I also hold to the theory a grateful heart has the power to change the ordinary into the extraordinary.  So, here’s your question to ponder:

Day #8:   What is one blessing recently inspiring you?

I challenge us all to never allow a day of life to go by without praising, appreciating, blessing, and being grateful.  As William Arthur Ward gratefully expressed:  “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary possibilities into blessings…”  Be blessed and be a blessing, my friends!


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