It is rare, but when it happens, it strikes swiftly and boldly to the heart.  As a principal, I have to admit there are days I dread opening my email inbox.  I just know…  Today was no different until I scrolled down to a line marked “Grateful.”  Needless to say, this email was opened first.  In the note, a specific teacher was being praised by this parent for being organized, thoughtful, kind, funny, and loving to her child.  The parent went on to thank me for choosing this teacher and for showing patience with this family through some challenging days:  “What I need to do from this point forward is trust you and your team to do your loving work with a new attitude of gratitude…thanks for showing me with your actions and your words that my child is first in your heart.”

JOY in life is made up of small things–a smile, a helping hand, a caring heart, great laughter, a word of praise…Today I am conscious of the treasured moment when this kind word of simple thanks found its way into my inbox… 🙂

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