Random Act of Kindness

One of our Miller Essential 5 reminds us to surprise others by performing random acts of kindness…one such random act today was shared with me!  The learners (and Book Buddies) in Mrs. Waddill’s IMG_3267third grade homeroom and Mrs. Stanley’s first grade homeroom read and talked about one of my favorite books, Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed by Emily Pearson.  Little Mary picks some blueberries and leaves the basket on Mrs. Bishop’s porch.  Mrs. Bishop finds the blueberries and bakes some yummy muffins to secretly share with five friends.  Each friend, in turn, does an ordinary deed for five more friends and the story continues…

Our learners in both classes decided to share a random ordinary act of kindness each week as part of their time together.  This week, they presented me with my own “chain of compliments,” with each person crafting a kind compliment, thought, quote, or picture on their personalized strip.  I wore the chain as a scarf for much of the afternoon to share with others.  My challenge now is to find a way to perform my own random act of ordinary kindness with others.  What a blessing to receive an act of kindness filled with compliments; what a treasure to work with learners and classroom leaders who care about making our school a kinder, gentler, friendlier learning community!  🙂

Note:  BRAVOS to our 4th graders and their leaders for a most extraordinary “Miller Style” program last night.  We had a huge turnout and appreciate the wonderful community support and powerful message shared together!