Pirates and POWER and Socks…oh my!

Pirates took over the second grade today and IMG_0465raided the entire school using their GPS devices, clues, and cleverness to track down the stolen treasure.  While I have no idea how or even why the treasure mysteriously appeared in Captain Van’s quarters, it goes without saying there was some explaining to do…  🙂

IMG_3262Meanwhile, the POWER of Miller was heard and felt as the gym (filled to capacity with eager participants and inflatables) enJOYed a special POWER day of interactive events.  Thanks Coach Rogers and the specials team for coordinating and keeping us safe and happy during six rotation-station special sessions today!  WHEW!  Speaking of the POWER of Miller, you are probably wanting to know some results:

  • Total raised so far:  $14,100 (keep sending in $$$!)
  • Top four charity choices from your voting:  Parkland Burn Center Camp, American Cancer Society, Manna House, and PAWS for Reflection

As promised, we will give our 10% back to our community by dividing it into these top four family-selected organizations within the next two weeks!  As a side note, we made an executive decision to narrow down our cancer choice this time to a specific student in our local community, Ethan Hallmark, who is fighting cancer once again.  He is a strong role model and shining example of great strength and courage; he is also well-connected to our learning community and we want to help him during this important time.  Our portion to the ACS will now go to Ethan’s Bucket List charity (if you have a concern about us narrowing this choice to someone specific, please notify the front office to talk with me about it).

Finally, the socks started flying this afternoon as preparations were being made for the annual PTO Sock Hop and Classic Car Show tonight at LME.  We look forward to seeing everyone, enJOYing some great music and treats, and spending time with our families.

Between the pirates, the POWER, and the socks, this week is a wrap.  EnJOY a fabulous fall weekend!