Fire Safety Day!

MFD1It’s true; we’re blessed with the BEST in MISD, especially when we visit with our fire fighters on campus during Fire Safety Day here at LME.  Wearing their finest MFD pink shirts today, gentlemen from Fire Station 3, shifts B and C, joined us all day for a most informative and fun event.  MFD2During each specials rotation, students participated in scenarios and questions, viewed important safety reminders from a DVD story, and explored the inner-workings of a fire engine with a guided tour.  Our five wonderful fire fighters shared important tips, reminders, and lots of fun with each group.  Thanks for giving your valuable time, teaching talents, and brave service to keep us all informed and safe!

EnJOY a nice long weekend with NO SCHOOL for students on Monday.  See you on Tuesday morning ready to learn!  🙂