Roundin’ up (and down) the week to rope some Spring Break!

IMG_0944Young cowboys and cowgirls rounded up some meaningful activities today during their annual Kinder Rodeo.  They rotated classrooms where activity stations in core subject areas provided engaging and interesting tasks to complete in cooperative groups.  They sang songs around the chuckwagon, shared some grub, and told tall Texas tales.  As one little friend noted, “We did everything but rope cattle, Mrs. Van!”  Maybe next year…    🙂

The remainder of the building buzzed in math excitement during our 3M math2Event throughout the day.  Miller Math Mania was on fire as learners in each grade level rotated math stations and activities in teams to complete math-related tasks, share outcomes, and problem solve together.  Everything from a 50s Diner to a Pet Shop provided math opportunities for learners in the real-world of problem solving.  Technology to old-fashioned ciphering stimulated conversation, solutions, and meaningful math fun for all!  Special thanks to our Miller Math Committee, the real math brain-powers behind this innovative day!  Thanks to our classroom leaders who went above and beyond to provide engaging math learning experiences for all!  As another young math scholar commented, “We rounded up and down and now it’s time to rope in some Spring Break!”   🙂

Here’s hoping you have a restful, rejuvenating, relaxing break.  We’ll see you again on Monday, March 18th!

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