Let’s go fly a kite!

An enthusiastic group of learners were discussing and writing from FDR’s famous quote:  “When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on…”

  • Child #1:  It’s not officially spring, but I think he was talking Kiteabout kites.
  • Child #2:  Kites?  I thought he meant ropes on a ship.
  • Child #3:  What about tying ropes on kites then?
  • Child #4:  That’s it! Tie knots in the rope on the kite and hang on ’cause you’re gonna fly!
  • Child #1:  I hope we get to fly kites again today at recess!
  • Child #3:  Do you think the president is talking about kites though?  He was president during the Great Depression when things were really tough.
  • Child #2:  They also had lots of shipping accidents with ropes too.
  • Child #4:  I still like the thought of tying lots of knots onto kite ropes and flying.

It’s fascinating to listen to learner conversations, how they process thoughts, and where their imaginations take them.  These learners obviously had much to share concerning the background knowledge of President Roosevelt’s upbeat saying.  Their conversation eventually steered them into a direction their classroom leader most likely expected…and just so you know, they did come to consensus about how to “keep on keeping on” when the going gets tough.  They also decided flying kites on this windy March day during recess would be a great way to relieve some stress, so here’s hoping you find time to go fly a kite with someone you treasure soon!  🙂

Note:  Try to hang on three more days…spring break IS coming!

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