STARTing the day with sweet carolers…

The halls were alive with the sounds of the season today!  carolers1Our Head Start friends caroled their way across campus to spread some holiday cheer and what a blessing it was indeed.  My thanks to our HS Team of educators who ensured JOY was a focus on this Monday.

Hearing these youngest of voices while answering multiple phone calls and emails from concerned parents seeking assurance confirmed a few things:

  • Children thrive on daily routines and expectations; they gain security from the predictability of school.
  • Being active listeners to a child’s fears and concerns is important–validate the fear by saying it’s natural to feel fear, but finish with, “I’m going to do everything I can to keep you safe.”
  • Students believe the world is a good place, but there are people who make bad choices and do bad things.
  • Building strong connections and relationships with our learners and their families is critical to our overall success; we are so grateful for the support of our LME families!

It’s the little things (like these little voices sharing JOY this morning with us) that start the slow process of healing.  May you find hope, healing, peace, and love in the little things this holiday.  Remember to “sing loud and proud” like our Head Start friends say!  🙂

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