Our very talented 4th grade class presented a highly entertaining piece called “Thwacked” to our campus and community last evening.  The storyline involves a rude prince who is turned into a frog when he offends an old lady.  Once a frog, the prince eventually forgets he was ever a prince and begins eating bugs, loving life on the log, and hanging out with his two friends “Froggie” and “Frogger”.  One day when he was sleeping, something “thwacks” him on the head and wakes him up.  Frog is convinced a piece of the sky fell on him.  He panics and soon involves his frog friends, a business woman named Tinker, three maids, some students, a librarian, a coach at school, and eventually the entire town!  Everyone is so concerned about the sky falling and they call on the Mayor and her council members for help.  Meanwhile, a witty student named Rachel is trying to solve the puzzle because she does not believe the sky falls.  Everyone refuses to listen to her because they are swayed by what everyone else thinks.  Even the mayor doesn’t have answers but pretends to have a plan.  Finally, the ensemble decides to go back and see where Frog was when the sky fell.  Rachel notices an acorn on the ground and, despite everyone around her refusing to believe her, she solves the puzzle by thwacking the Frog back on the head with the acorn.  Everyone finally realizes they were never in any danger and that it was simply an acorn.  Frog’s head is hurting from the acorn so Rachel kisses him on the head (and I bet you can guess the outcome now)…yes, Frog turns back into a prince, having learned a valuable lesson.  By the end of the play, everyone reminisces about the adventure.

The complexity of the storyline and the demanding performances given were truly extraordinary.  Watch out, middle and high school fine arts teachers…this talented group of singers, dancers, and actors will keep you hopping!  As Mrs. Grant, our wonderful music teacher noted, “I am extremely proud of their work!”  Bravos to all involved!  🙂

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