Third Grade to the rescue!

I was reminded recently that even Super Heroes need a little help occasionally…in flies our third grade team here at LME.  Pictured left to right are:  Nikki Hoover, Rachel McKee (AI teacher), Jean Waddill, Amy Clark, Traci Samek, and Jennifer Rinehart.  These classroom leaders bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and great leadership to our third grade super hero learners each day…probably because (as their shirts indicate), they themselves are SUPER powers in the classroom everyday!

Third grade is truly a transitional year during the elementary years in school!  Learners develop the skills needed to critically solve problems; they begin to think in terms of being real problem solvers/resolvers (and we’re not just talking math here either).  Students make the powerful shift from “learning to read” to “reading to learn” in all subject areas.  It is an exciting time for learners, the classroom leaders, and families!

Third grade also begins the necessary journey of mandated state assessments in Texas.  With the STAAR test, students are expected to master objectives in math and reading at grade 3.  Our teaching team is diligent to work through required student expectations and while we have no way of knowing (or seeing) specifically examples of test items, we know and use best teaching practices and models to support our learners.  A third grade friend shared this observation: “Third grade is fun because we use lots of technology and online personal networks.”  Another friend noted:  “School comes together for me now because I’m a better reader.”  Finally, one third grader sums it up for all:  “Third grade is all about using your super brain in powerful new ways…third grade to the rescue!”  🙂

Note:  Family is important at LME and we currently have a fourth grade friend, Ethan, who is fighting a rare form of childhood cancer right now.  While his prognosis is strong, we ask you to remember him and his family in the coming weeks.