Planting and Pumpkins Galore!

Our LME Head Start classes and friends explored beyond the classroom walls today in their first community trip.  They traveled to the Garden Harvest Farms and the FUMC Pumpkin Patch in Midlothian.  Riding a school bus for the first time is always a special treat . . . thanks to Mrs. Burks for driving and delivering them safely to all their destinations.

Our youngest learners spent time touring the gardens, planting a special Miller PreK lettuce garden (we hope they grow because Mrs. Van loves fresh salad!), and planting little cups of chard to personally grow at home.  At the Pumpkin Patch, everyone played games, ate lunch, sang songs, and selected classroom pumpkins to enjoy next week for Halloween.

Here’s what some of our HS friends observed:

  • Pumpkins are all shapes…small, big, really fat, and tall.
  • Not all pumpkins are orange; some are white and green.
  • My cup will grow at home.
  • We sing silly songs all the time.
  • Have you eaten in a pumpkin patch before, Mrs. Van?
  • I like pie; we will make pie!
  • I don’t like lettuce, but I know you do, so I’ll give you mine.  🙂

Seeing these little bright eyes light up and smiles all around, you can’t help embracing their obvious enthusiasm for learning and enJOYing the sights, sounds, feelings, and experiences outside the walls of the schoolhouse.  Here’s hoping you enJOY a similar autumn experience soon!  🙂

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