Second Grade Success!

Second grade truly is a magnificent year in the life of an elementary learner.  Reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and language begin the powerful transition from beginning skills to more comprehensive understanding. Second graders in MISD earn number grades for the first time (which also opens up another interesting transition for parents!).  There is a SUPER team of classroom leaders who dedicate their time and teaching talents during this magical year:  Heather Cooper, Valree Milson, Krista Bruton, and Lana Beckwith.

As a second grade friend reminded me:  “Mrs. Van, second grade is hard.  I get ‘real’ grades now and I have to read to learn stuff.”  Another friend added; “You should see our homework each week; she means business!”  One friend commented:  “We use cool technology in our lessons and my teacher is always asking lots of questions–where does she get all those questions anyway?  It’s exhausting some days!”  🙂

Second grade teachers just humbly smile in response, knowing first hand the enormous strides these learners will make as the year progresses.  There’s a natural transition beginning where learners take the foundational skills of PK/Kinder/1st grades (especially in reading) and begin to shift the skills to true application in daily work.  As they learn new material, learners apply prior knowledge a bit more easily to form greater understanding.  For example, instead of learning the basics of how to read, they begin the process of reading to learn for information.

You can always count on lots of smiles, laughs, great stories, smart work, and fun times in second grade.  It’s the best time of learning because the reality of state-mandated assessment is not present to cloud the natural learning process.  Second graders often show the greatest strides and biggest successes; enJOY the second grade year!