Red Ribbon Week and more…

It’s our annual Red Ribbon Week with daily themes, announcements, and special activities (as discussed in a blog last week).  Everything kicked off today with Ryan and Rustin sharing morning announcements on ways we can support and encourage each other because “the more we have playing on our team drug free, the stronger our team will always be!”  There were lots of team jerseys showing support for “team up against drugs” and students braided spirit bracelets to weave the strands of choices (red), loyalty (blue), and service (green) to remind ourselves how and why good choices affect our future success.  Making good choices and doing the right thing are lifelong skills impacting a child’s ability to say “NO” to harmful influences later.  The rest of the week looks like this:

  • Tuesday = Our Team Dares to Dream (dress for your dream job)
  • Wednesday = Team Up to Read and Show Your Character (dress in book characters)
  • Thursday = We Support Our Team and Members (dress in green and yellow to support our Ethan and childhood cancer)
  • Friday = Our Nation Teams With Pride (dress in red/white/blue for our annual Veteran’s Day salute)

Art To Remember has also started at LME.  You should have received an order envelope last week containing your child’s chosen artwork and product information.  This is an optional program and your participation is not required.  If you would like to order something, please complete the order information on the envelope.  Whether you choose to order or not, please return everything to your child’s teacher by Friday, November 2nd.  If you have questions, please contact our art teacher at for more information.

I enJOYed observing our Head Start friends carve on pumpkins from their trip last week.  They were eager to discuss the shapes for the faces they voted on and why the pumpkin becomes a jack-a-lantern when it’s carved.  Several comments were noted:

  • “Did you know, you can toast the seeds and eat them?”  🙂
  • “Jacks scare me!”  🙂
  • “I like the ooey-gooey stuff!”  🙂

Gotta love our little learners exploring their world during the seasons while learning about safe choices in their lives.  Yes, it’s a busy autumn week ahead with a full moon, Halloween (our first party day), AND report cards on Friday for the first grading period…

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