TIME to manage our TIME?

Life is a continuous learning journey, therefore, learning time management is something that takes some of us a lifetime to master!  A student recently said to me:  “We just need more time; the day just flies by too quickly!”  This started an interesting conversation about techniques we use to keep ourselves on track and ways to better manage our time.  The two of us then surveyed others such as friends, parents, and staff members to recommend tips for teaching and maintaining time management.  Here are the top time-saving techniques from our little survey:

  1. Routines, routines, routines…these ensure adequate time to complete tasks, chores, or homework assignments.
  2. Keep backpacks, schoolwork (including planners to sign), library books, and other things in the same place each day (like a cubbie or locker at school and then a special place at home) so everything stays together.
  3. Calendars or planners are helpful to list events, assignments, and reminders so nothing is forgotten.
  4. Break big assignments into smaller sections or parts to better manage them.  For example, if the science project is due in three weeks, plan out the parts so everything is completed on time.
  5. Timers are really helpful when doing chores at home so things keep moving.
  6. Learn about priorities by coding things:  red is very important (studying for a test), yellow is important but not immediate (book report due in a week), and green is fun but not critical (play a game).
  7. Have a set bedtime so you get enough rest.  Having lots of rest keeps us focused.  Did you know scientists say elementary children should get up to 10 hours of sleep each night?
  8. Get exercise everyday and move so your brain stays active.  Oxygen flows to the brain when activity increases and boosts brain power; not surprisingly, this leads to greater time management.

Research studies show how time management skills learned at an early age have a lasting impact and effect on future success in college and careers.  We all decided it’s TIME to manage our TIME; join us!  🙂

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