First Grade Fierceness!

Did you know first grade teachers and students are fierce?  It probably has something to do with the four talented ladies pictured here:  Judy King, Emily Stanley, Susie Dickard, and Stephanie Daniell.  Most first grade learners have one or two years of “real school” under their belts at this point, however, the experience in first grade presents many additional “first moments” for our friends.  Take the comment shared by one friend I interviewed:  “Did you know, Mrs. Van, there are NO naps in first grade?  Is this your rule or Mrs. King’s?” 🙂  Or how about this observation:  “We are NOT babies; we are first graders now just like Ms. Daniell says!”  🙂 Another friend chimed in:  “We have rules and so…much…writing that my fingers hurt!  Mrs. Stanley LOVES to write all day long!”  🙂  I especially smile recalling this comment:  “You better get your homework done and your folder signed; she means it (no name given).”  🙂  Finally, this student summed it up:  “Mrs. Dickard says we have to be fierce first graders who show no fear in learning all day long!”

First graders begin an important journey of building and spiraling core curriculum; we are blessed to have a strong team of experienced teachers to lead them everyday!  These ladies believe in placing learners FIRST by teaching responsibility and accountability for personal choices and actions.  When a young learner begins to grow more independently in his or her individual critical thinking, so many other pieces of the educational puzzle begin to fall into place.  The most important learning opportunity you must always foster in your child is a love of reading.  So much emphasis is placed on this skill in Kinder and First Grade because reading is THE foundation for all the other core curriculum areas!

One of First Grade’s big programs throughout the year is called “Mystery Readers.”  They invite mystery guests and “celebrities” to visit the classroom (after building the suspense all week) as a mystery reader to share a favorite story or book with the class.  This simple yet powerful activity sets a tone and sends the positive message to each learner about the importance of reading (we also enJOY our Panther Readers each Friday too!).

If you’re interested in reading, please give us a call.  In the meantime, as another friend revealed:  “I’m fierce because my teacher puts me FIRST; I’m in FIRST grade, Mrs. Van!”  🙂

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