XOXO . . . It’s Valentine’s Day here at LME . . . a day filled with HEARTy learning opportunities for all!  In first grade, we found these friends were sharing what they love in the writing center and then singing a poem called “I Love…” 



They also enJOYed working challenging math problems with special manipulatives during math centers (better check those backpacks for all manner of items when you get home tonight; you never know what may show up!).

Our Head Start friends shared their amazing work from centers today by creating artful notes and cards for their families.  Giovani practices writing his letters during center time.




It is always insightful to visit with young learners about the meaning of customs in our society.  For instance, a first grade friend shared with me, “Mrs. Van, did you know Valentine’s Day started because a kind man cared about others?”  🙂  Another learner chimed in to share, “Yeah, and children wrote him notes ‘to my Valentine’ thanking him for his ‘passion’ (compassion) and stuff.”  🙂  Another child wrote these words in a card to me today:  “Mrs. Van, The ‘love day’ is finally here and you remind me of St. Valentine; he was a man with many friends for he was brave and kind.  Lots of children wrote him notes and letters they loved to send, then a holiday was named for their very special friend. Thanks! XOXO”  🙂  How clever is this writer and what JOY her words brought to my soul!   I reminded everyone this morning during morning message:  “I hope you choose to show your love to others every single day (and not just on Valentine’s Day)!”  Here’s hoping you choose to share the love as well . . . thanks for sharing your learners with us everyday!  XOXO  🙂

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