Conversation and Thinking Games

While visiting with a small group of learners this morning, I asked the question:  “What is one important thing we have today that we didn’t have 10 years ago?”  Expecting answers like the iPhone, Kindle, X-Box 360, or wikis, this precious little voice says, “that’s easy, Mrs. Van—it’s us!”  🙂  Yes, there are advancements daily and keeping current at LME on the latest and greatest trends is a full-time job really (as a parent myself, it’s simply overwhelming at times).  Beyond all the great technology and newest gadgets though, I asked questions during our conversation to dive deeper into their thinking.  For example, as an adult, I still yearn for those conversations and thinking games I did with my parents growing up while we commuted to lessons, practices, and the like.  For instance, we had a game called “Would You Rather.”  Dad asked:  “Would you rather live in the mountains or on a beach and why?  Would you rather share a milkshake or a sundae and why?”  We also played a game called “Favorite Things.”  Mom picked a category (songs, movies, sodas) and we all shared our top favorites in that category.  One of my daughters created a game she called “What Doesn’t Belong?”  We took turns naming items and asking the others to explain which is unique and why.  They especially liked this game because there were usually several correct answers:  “Owl, ostrich, and eagle”  (ostriches can’t fly and owls hunt at night, for example). Here’s Mr. Van driving his car and asking me questions . . . .

Funny games like these promote thinking and creativity at higher levels; they also create stimulating conversation, something young learners crave in particular.  Just like my conversation with my small group this morning, here’s hoping we all take a little time to listen, ask, converse, and think in clever ways!

Note:  Our 4th Annual LME Chili Cook-off and BINGO Night is tomorrow evening starting @ 6:00 p.m. in the cafe; we hope to see you there!

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