February 2nd!

Yes, it’s true; we love the hundredth day of school!  There were celebrations all around:  100 objects to count; 100 years of history to share; 100 jumps with the jump rope; 100 math facts in 100 seconds (you have to really know those facts); 100 ideas for the future in 100 years; 100 trivia questions about the last 100 days of school this year . . . the list goes on and on (and hopefully I’ll have some “real” pictures to share tomorrow on the weekly wrap-up).

Then there was the BIG discussion about Groundhog’s Day.  Remember what we were doing last year on this day?  What about those spring temperatures we’ve had so far in 2012?  (I can only image how big the bugs will be this summer!)  Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow today, so I guess we have six more weeks of winter ahead for us.  One of my young friends stopped me in the hallway early this morning:  “It’s okay, Mrs. Van; spring break comes in six weeks and then it’s spring for real!”  🙂  I hope our bulbs in the school garden hold off their early blooming . . . Happy Groundhog 100th Day of School, LaRue Miller Elementary!