A CEREALsly MOOving, LOVEly day…

cereal1The cows came home (literally) all while the staff crunched on favorite cereals as we celebrated a day of love…

Our staff members were greeted with a sign:  “CEREALSly, we LOVE what you do for learners everyday…” and the opportunity to choose a favorite cereal for a morning snack (with milk choices, of course).  A little cereal goes a long way to increasing those important Miller Moves during Friday Rally too…

…and speaking of milk, it’s not everyday a cow shares her milking cow1experience with 600+ learning friends and classroom leaders, but that’s exactly what “Grandma” did with us today (she is named Grandma because she’s usually the last to come in cow2from the pasture).  Thanks to the work of the Southwest Dairy Farmers and their mobile classroom for bringing their 32-foot milking parlor on wheels to LME (and to Mrs. Garippa for arranging the visit).  Our instructor, Kayler, shared everything from the parts of the cow to the process of milk going from the farm and our grocery store to demonstrating exactly how to milk a cow.  Grandma, the Jersey, taught some great voCOWbulary and terMOOnology today!  🙂

As you most likely know, it’s Valentine’s Day today Val1and while we didn’t have official class parties, we did exchange some wonderful cards, riddles (thanks, Mrs. King’s friends for leading in Rally today!), and treats (at the end of the day, of course!).  Several random acts of kindness and love were shared throughout our camVal2pus, especially with our office team.  Several 5th grade friends left a huge “friend” for me in my working chair (I plan to teach him how to complete some of my work in fact!).  More importantly though, here’s hoping we all seriously move in the path of more lovely days like today everyday.  EnJOY the sunshine and warmer day and the coming weekend too LME friends!

Happy Hearts Day!

Our youngest learners have a challenging time saying the word “valentine.”  It comes out in several unique ways and always with a big smile!  Many just give up and say “happy hearts day” instead.  Such is the case when one precocious little friend climbed into my lap to share his vintageval2thoughts today:

Child:  Happy ‘Balentiney-heart’ Day, Mrs. Van!

Me:  Thank you…and Happy Hearts Day to you too!

Child:  Do you love me?

Me:  Always and forever.

Child:  But what will Mr. Van say?

Me:  He’s okay with it; he knows I love all our Miller family.

Child:  WOW!  That’s a lotta love!  🙂

As Victor Hugo noted:  “What a grand thing to be loved…what a grander thing still to love!”  We are blessed everyday to work in an environment where our relationships with our learners and each other model unconditional love.  Here’s hoping everyone feels this love today and every day!  Happy Valentine’s Day!


XOXO . . . It’s Valentine’s Day here at LME . . . a day filled with HEARTy learning opportunities for all!  In first grade, we found these friends were sharing what they love in the writing center and then singing a poem called “I Love…” 



They also enJOYed working challenging math problems with special manipulatives during math centers (better check those backpacks for all manner of items when you get home tonight; you never know what may show up!).

Our Head Start friends shared their amazing work from centers today by creating artful notes and cards for their families.  Giovani practices writing his letters during center time.




It is always insightful to visit with young learners about the meaning of customs in our society.  For instance, a first grade friend shared with me, “Mrs. Van, did you know Valentine’s Day started because a kind man cared about others?”  🙂  Another learner chimed in to share, “Yeah, and children wrote him notes ‘to my Valentine’ thanking him for his ‘passion’ (compassion) and stuff.”  🙂  Another child wrote these words in a card to me today:  “Mrs. Van, The ‘love day’ is finally here and you remind me of St. Valentine; he was a man with many friends for he was brave and kind.  Lots of children wrote him notes and letters they loved to send, then a holiday was named for their very special friend. Thanks! XOXO”  🙂  How clever is this writer and what JOY her words brought to my soul!   I reminded everyone this morning during morning message:  “I hope you choose to show your love to others every single day (and not just on Valentine’s Day)!”  Here’s hoping you choose to share the love as well . . . thanks for sharing your learners with us everyday!  XOXO  🙂