Acts of Kindness and Compassion…

As our community has learned in the past few days, you never know when unspeakable tragedy will strike.  Likewise, you never know when someone will bestow a beautiful act of kindness or compassion.  We want to commend our Miller learning community for extensively wrapping your loving arms of kindness and compassion around all three families involved in the recent event.  More specifically, thanks for showing in action how kindness and compassion work to our learners.

So imagine my surprise today when a first grade class of IMG_2083friends asked for a moment of my time.  They lovingly bestowed a beautiful book of letters entitled, “We Are THANKFUL for you, Mrs. Van!”  Each child wrote his or her own letter and illustrated thoughts as well.  Here are some specific comments (as they were written):

  • Thank you for hireing teachers to teach us. They do good work.
  • You work hart and you are fun to work with.
  • You porteck our school.
  • You care for all of us even when I’m makeing choyces.
  • You do your bery best to help us.
  • You keepe us informed with the annoncements.
  • You are so pritty.  (I will remind Mr. Van of this one in particular since I’m getting older now!)
  • Thanks for loveing us.

What a blessing in my life and just one more beautiful illustration of the power of kindness and compassion in our lives!  Thank you first graders!  🙂

With February being National Kindness and Compassion month, here’s hoping you find a way to share a little KC too!

Rachel’s Challenge at LME!

During our Heart Rock Cafe Assembly last Friday, we once again committed ourselves to being kind, compassionate learners and leaders.  The first victim of the Columbine murders was a young lady by the name of Rachel.  She left behind six diaries about her beliefs and how she wanted to change the world through small acts of kindness each day.  Before her unexpected death, she wrote a school essay stating, “I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion then it will start a chain reaction of the same.”  Taking those diaries, her grieving family started and inspired a worldwide anti-bullying campaign shared specifically in schools called “Rachel’s Challenge.”  At Miller, we continue to join forces with other campuses to create “chain reactions” in order to link our acts of kindness together across MISD.  Where better way to start this critical process of helping others than with our youngest learners?

Our Kindness and Compassion Club (KC Club) is an important part of this process.  Students across our campus volunteer to come early or stay late in order to assist and spread the word and work of Rachel’s Challenge.  Under the enthusiastic supervision of their sponsor, Ms. Daniell, our KC Club is instrumental in sharing stories of kindness and compassion throughout our campus.  Here are some members sharing their artwork reminding us about National Friendship Month right now; great job, KC Club!

Learning from others and modeling their success are key components in any endeavor.  We are indebted to a visionary young lady named Rachel who continues to challenge us because of her faith and belief in a positive future, thus leading to powerful, kind, and compassionate actions everyday.  Here’s hoping we all follow this lead . . . .

Rocking Hearts and Rachel’s Challenge…

“WHEW!  I need to take a deep breath, Mrs. Van!  All this jump-roping is really working my heart today!”  These were the repetitive words of several Miller friends this afternoon right after our annual Jump Rope for Heart kick-off assembly.  Our theme, Heart Rock Cafe, pumped up the school as several groups shared their many talents:

The HotSteppers show off their impressive jump-roping skills in a variety of clever ways!

Coach Rogers led several teachers to rock the house with their rendition of “I Love Jumping Rope.”

StuCo members shared a moving story about Rachel and her legacy before rocking to a special rendition of “We Will Rock You” with the words of “Rachel’s Challenge.”

Yes, it was an impressive assembly of meaningful and powerful messages to us all.  We must accept the challenges of working on healthier hearts (for our physical side) and on healthier interactions with others (our emotional side) in order to achieve our goals in life.  As we talked about today, it’s up to us to continue the chain reaction of kindness and compassion for ourselves and others.  As I shared, “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”  Here’s hoping we all walk and talk a little lighter knowing the next generation is committed to living healthier, kinder, and more compassionate lives.  Have a great weekend!  🙂

Note:  Don’t forget about the annual Tutus and Ties Dance tomorrow starting @ 7:00 p.m. in the Miller Cafe!