CATCH the spirit!

As we gear up for the annual Jump Rope for Heart event this Friday, it’s important to reflect on why we choose to support certain community organizations each year and then not others.  (Believe me, if we could support everyone, we most certainly would do so—we have such a generous, giving campus!)  Our campus CATCH Committee members (Coordinated Approach To Children’s Health) are committed to partnering with community groups who specifically support our Miller children’s health and daily fitness.  As discussed in previous blogs, this group is charged with the responsibility of planning campus events geared to improving the overall health of all learners, their classroom leaders, and Miller families—No-TV events are an example of their ongoing work each year.  The American Heart Association’s Jump Rope for Heart event is one way we give back to the community at large while improving our own individual health in the process.

Our All-Star Fun Run this year was another CATCH (and PTO) idea to promote raising campus activity money while meeting personal fitness goals in the process.  Thanks to the success of the Fun Run, we raised over $15,000 for our campus—every child participated in a special field trip at no cost, every child received a Miller t-shirt for school events like the field trip and our field day at no cost, and we purchased a classroom set of iPads with additional equipment in order to enhance our ongoing commitment to technology.

JRfH is a tradition here at Miller; it’s a tradition we started on another elementary campus many years ago (and it’s still going strong there thanks to a nurturing staff).  Our Miller learners are excited to jump for others because they know we may very well be jumping to save someone’s life right here on our campus.  Just like I remind us everyday during morning message, “You have a choice everyday.”  As a parent, you always have the choice to participate or not; this is your right and we respect it.  All of us jump (regardless of whether we give or not).  It builds teamwork and community within our Miller family while we work together to help others and ourselves.  Please, if you ever have questions about what we’re doing or why we’re doing it, our door is open; you need only ask!  In the meantime, I know our 5th grade team always CATCHes the spirit and is really ready for the Heart ROCK Cafe this week; are you?! 🙂

Rocking Hearts and Rachel’s Challenge…

“WHEW!  I need to take a deep breath, Mrs. Van!  All this jump-roping is really working my heart today!”  These were the repetitive words of several Miller friends this afternoon right after our annual Jump Rope for Heart kick-off assembly.  Our theme, Heart Rock Cafe, pumped up the school as several groups shared their many talents:

The HotSteppers show off their impressive jump-roping skills in a variety of clever ways!

Coach Rogers led several teachers to rock the house with their rendition of “I Love Jumping Rope.”

StuCo members shared a moving story about Rachel and her legacy before rocking to a special rendition of “We Will Rock You” with the words of “Rachel’s Challenge.”

Yes, it was an impressive assembly of meaningful and powerful messages to us all.  We must accept the challenges of working on healthier hearts (for our physical side) and on healthier interactions with others (our emotional side) in order to achieve our goals in life.  As we talked about today, it’s up to us to continue the chain reaction of kindness and compassion for ourselves and others.  As I shared, “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”  Here’s hoping we all walk and talk a little lighter knowing the next generation is committed to living healthier, kinder, and more compassionate lives.  Have a great weekend!  🙂

Note:  Don’t forget about the annual Tutus and Ties Dance tomorrow starting @ 7:00 p.m. in the Miller Cafe! 

Tutus, Ties, Hearts, and a Bell…

HEARTY congratulations go out to everyone for the following three LaRue Miller Elementary opportunities this week:

The annual PTO Tutus and Ties (Father/Daughter) Dance is slated this week on Saturday, February 11 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. in the Miller Cafe.  The theme this year is “Winter Wonderland” and plans are underway for a spectacular evening; join us!

Yes, we’re all rock stars and the annual Miller Elementary Jump Rope for Heart Campaign will kickoff with a special Heart Rock Cafe assembly tomorrow afternoon.  Sponsored by the American Heart Association, students will once again participate by learning about heart disease, living an active lifestyle in order to keep healthy, and working to secure sponsors for our upcoming Jump Day on Friday, February 24.

Finally, the very first Miller Bell edition will hit our newstand on Monday.  You will receive a complimentary copy of this student-created and published newspaper the first time.  Future editions, however, will be posted online for all to read.  I know the Bell staff members are excited to share their smart work with you!

As you can see, our learners, their classroom leaders, volunteers, mentors, families, sponsors, and the entire learning community are sharing multiple opportunities for everyone to get involved at LME; here’s hoping we see you joining us soon!