Camps, Compassion, and Kindness…

This year is flying by so quickly now and each day brings new opportunities!

summercampsIn looking ahead, please make note of important Summer Sports Camp information:  The Midlothian ISD Athletic Department’s sport camps offer fun-filled summer programs for youth in and around Midlothian, Texas.  Each week, participants jump into action, participating in exciting sport programs while exploring various techniques and tactics associated with athletics.  If you are looking for a sports camp this summer, please check out the links below to sign up. Walk-up registrations are welcome at all camps and more camps will be added when they are finalized.

…and speaking of sports, tactics, and techniques, FieldDay1our 7th Annual Field Day Events was a smashing success!  From the many competitive games to new stations like Gaga Ball Pit, students, staff members, and families joined in the all-day event.  We most certainly appreciated the sublime spring day and wonderful outside temperatures along with the grilled hotdogs provided by Aramark!  Special thanks to Coach Rogers, our Specials Team, our volunteers (including MHS PALs), and our parents for assisting with smiles throughout the day’s events!

KCpic…and speaking of smiles, our Kindness and Compassion (KC) Club shared big smiles with the folks from Children’s Medical Center of Dallas when they donated over 250 new stuffed animals for patients.  Representatives from the hospital came to accept the donations and shared how these will positively impact many young lives in the days ahead.  The stuffed animals are given to patients during triage, diagnostic procedures, or surgery to calm and bring friendly comfort.  Special thanks to the KC Club sponsor, Ms. Daniell, and her team for encouraging this service learning project throughout our campus.

We are blessed in extraordinary ways everyday on our growing campus.  Thanks for walking the educational journey with us!

…Because kindness matters…

I was surprised first thing this morning by some members of the KC Club (Kindness and Compassion) here at Miller.  They brought me beautiful hand-written cards, notes, and letters from KC Club students as well as a box of my favorite Girl Scout cookies (Thin Mints)—just what I needed to start my day!  Our KC Club is open to any Miller student who wishes to share caring and courtesy with others.  The notes they shared with me today included words of encouragement and special thanks for a variety of things:

  • “Thanks for a fun field trip with the WHOLE school and making memories with us.”
  • “Thanks for all you do for us; we appreciate you!”
  • “You are the most awesomest princiPAL ever!”
  • “Thanks for riding my bus with me and helping nurse in the clinic.”
  • “Thanks for helping us learn stuff and all that.”
  • “Morning messages make me smile, think, and laugh.”
  • “Just like our HotSteppers, you ROCK! (Your jump-roping could use some work)” 🙂
  • “Thanks for caring about us a kids in our school.”
  • “You put us first just like our teacher does.”
  • “We love you and are so blessed by your leadership.”

Perhaps I should retire right now . . . wonder what Mr. Van would have to say?  🙂  These expressions of love and appreciation are truly treasured.  These precious gifts of time, thoughts, and thanks will carry me many miles on our educational journey in the coming months.  I was always taught to be “kinder than necessary because kindness matters . . . besides, you cannot do a kindness too soon for you never know when it will be too late.”  We are blessed at LME and expressions such as these this morning only confirm it.  Here’s hoping a random act of kindness comes your way because kindness matters!

Note:  Don’t forget it’s our annual Jump Rope for Heart Event on Friday!

Rachel’s Challenge at LME!

During our Heart Rock Cafe Assembly last Friday, we once again committed ourselves to being kind, compassionate learners and leaders.  The first victim of the Columbine murders was a young lady by the name of Rachel.  She left behind six diaries about her beliefs and how she wanted to change the world through small acts of kindness each day.  Before her unexpected death, she wrote a school essay stating, “I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion then it will start a chain reaction of the same.”  Taking those diaries, her grieving family started and inspired a worldwide anti-bullying campaign shared specifically in schools called “Rachel’s Challenge.”  At Miller, we continue to join forces with other campuses to create “chain reactions” in order to link our acts of kindness together across MISD.  Where better way to start this critical process of helping others than with our youngest learners?

Our Kindness and Compassion Club (KC Club) is an important part of this process.  Students across our campus volunteer to come early or stay late in order to assist and spread the word and work of Rachel’s Challenge.  Under the enthusiastic supervision of their sponsor, Ms. Daniell, our KC Club is instrumental in sharing stories of kindness and compassion throughout our campus.  Here are some members sharing their artwork reminding us about National Friendship Month right now; great job, KC Club!

Learning from others and modeling their success are key components in any endeavor.  We are indebted to a visionary young lady named Rachel who continues to challenge us because of her faith and belief in a positive future, thus leading to powerful, kind, and compassionate actions everyday.  Here’s hoping we all follow this lead . . . .