Acts of Kindness and Compassion…

As our community has learned in the past few days, you never know when unspeakable tragedy will strike.  Likewise, you never know when someone will bestow a beautiful act of kindness or compassion.  We want to commend our Miller learning community for extensively wrapping your loving arms of kindness and compassion around all three families involved in the recent event.  More specifically, thanks for showing in action how kindness and compassion work to our learners.

So imagine my surprise today when a first grade class of IMG_2083friends asked for a moment of my time.  They lovingly bestowed a beautiful book of letters entitled, “We Are THANKFUL for you, Mrs. Van!”  Each child wrote his or her own letter and illustrated thoughts as well.  Here are some specific comments (as they were written):

  • Thank you for hireing teachers to teach us. They do good work.
  • You work hart and you are fun to work with.
  • You porteck our school.
  • You care for all of us even when I’m makeing choyces.
  • You do your bery best to help us.
  • You keepe us informed with the annoncements.
  • You are so pritty.  (I will remind Mr. Van of this one in particular since I’m getting older now!)
  • Thanks for loveing us.

What a blessing in my life and just one more beautiful illustration of the power of kindness and compassion in our lives!  Thank you first graders!  🙂

With February being National Kindness and Compassion month, here’s hoping you find a way to share a little KC too!

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