Be the BEST!

I noted a card today during walkabout:  “You owe it to yourself to be theth BEST you can personally be today!  Why?”  When I stopped by the small group of assembled to inquire about their thoughts, here was the general consensus among the group:

  • The BEST make everyone around them better.
  • It’s important to inspire excellence in each other to the BEST.
  • Doing my personal BEST means I’m at my greatest.
  • Being the BEST is a life goal, one day at a time.
  • The BEST know what they want and show no fear in getting there.

The other part, though, is not about being better than anyone else; it’s about striving to the BEST each of us can be while we help others be their BEST.  WOW…these thinkers know a powerful life lesson at such a young age!  Here’s hoping we are all doing our BEST daily to be our BEST selves!  🙂

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