IMG_6700The first semester Principal’s Luncheon was today and what a great experience we enJOYed together!  From Mr. David (and Curious George) driving our bus to the warm hospitality at Red Robin (YUMMM), we feasted in great fellowship and fun.  These are extraordinary students who must meet a strict criteria:  All A’s in academics, All E’s in conduct, and absolute Perfect Attendance (no tardies, leave earlies, or absences).  With the recent flu and stomach bugs going around, this was a challenge for everyone (suffice it to say, I did not make the criteria cut and only got to go because I was paying the bill!).  🙂IMG_6697

We are so proud of these outstanding students and certainly hope more can join us this next semester for the big event.  Special thanks to Red Robin for hosting us and making our adventure especially YUMMM!

IMG_6683On another note, special thanks to my special PrinciPAL-For-The-Day today, Mr. L, who certainly made his mark on our campus.  From classroom observations to chaperoning  during the luncheon field trip, he earned his keep and more.  Thanks, Mr. L, for being a real PAL!

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