Be the BEST!

I noted a card today during walkabout:  “You owe it to yourself to be theth BEST you can personally be today!  Why?”  When I stopped by the small group of assembled to inquire about their thoughts, here was the general consensus among the group:

  • The BEST make everyone around them better.
  • It’s important to inspire excellence in each other to the BEST.
  • Doing my personal BEST means I’m at my greatest.
  • Being the BEST is a life goal, one day at a time.
  • The BEST know what they want and show no fear in getting there.

The other part, though, is not about being better than anyone else; it’s about striving to the BEST each of us can be while we help others be their BEST.  WOW…these thinkers know a powerful life lesson at such a young age!  Here’s hoping we are all doing our BEST daily to be our BEST selves!  🙂

STAAR Light, STAAR Bright…

staarDay One…state assessment…done!  As we continue this week, we encourage you to rest, eat well, and do those calming techniques that allow you to focus, concentrate, and do your personal best no matter what!  Thanks to all our learners (testers and non-testers), all our LME staff members, and especially Mrs. Bass, our campus testing coordinator, for giving your personal BEST everyday!  Day Two is next…  🙂

Life and the movies…

I had the most fascinating conversation this morning with a young writer:

Child:  “Life is like a movie, Mrs. Van.
Me:  How so?
Child:  “Well, you have a beginning when you’re born and all, you grow up, and then have to do important things.”
Me:  What important things do you hope to do?
Child:  Well, I’m working on it you see, because I haven’t written my ending just yet.”  🙂

I believe it was one of the Muppets who noted, buy-movies“Life is like a movie; write your own ending.”  Extraordinary conversations with learners (like this one) challenge us everyday to provide the most engaging, meaningful learning experiences we possibly can to ensure our learners have the tools they need to write their personal best “life movie” possible.

As we get geared up to complete the required state assessments, the message to our learners is simple:  Do your personal best no matter what!  Regardless of what the state tells us, it’s really about personal growth–in class and in life.  Here’s hoping we all roll that beautiful life footage everyday.  🙂