Dreaming BIG pumpkin dreams…

I adore reading and sharing in classrooms; it reminds me why I chose to answer the call of teaching in the first place.  Today, I had the honor of visiting with some of our older readers who chose a book for me “because of the really BIG words, Mrs. Van.”  🙂  Little did I know the really BIG words were synonyms of the actual word BIG in How BIG Could Your Pumpkin Grow?

In his delightful story about all the places a giant imagespumpkin could be, award-winning artist, Wendell Minor does just as he imagines with LARGER-THAN-LIFE pumpkins decorating some of America’s favorite places.  From the highest lighthouse in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, to the Capitol dome in Washington, D.C., to Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota, to Yosemite Falls in California, giant pumpkins abound in colossal ways!  Mr. Minor’s celebration of famous American landmarks and landscapes plays with the concepts of size and scale in fun, factual ways to inspire reader imagination.

Just imagine the places of travel in our beautiful country and whether an enormous pumpkin could fill the area.  “Perhaps your MIGHTY pumpkin could grow up to be president…Hail to the chief!”  So, to young pumpkin lovers and readers who dream BIG, never give up on your dreams!

Note:  A Van Am Gram party note went home today (or tomorrow for some) reminding you about class parties, parking (in the rain and mud), and morning car line in the bus lane.  Be safe out there! 

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