Safety on the roads, please!

It’s School Bus Safety Week (Oct. 21-25) and we are also participating in the “Celebrate My Drive” national campaign to win $100,000.

School buses:  Please take time to ‘THANK a bus driver’ schoolbus1this week (and every week) while honoring and remembering their important role of keeping our students safe traveling to and from our campus.  The MISD Transportation Department sent out flyers to remind all drivers of the rules of the road when school buses are stopped with yellow or red lights flashing:

  • When you see a school bus, assume children will be around and take extra care; leave lots of space around the bus.
  • When the bus turns on the yellow flashing lights, this means it is about to stop to load or unload students. Slow down and prepare to stop.
  • When the bus turns on the red flashing lights- this means STOP in BOTH directions. NEVER pass a school bus with red flashing lights in either direction. Stop well away from the bus.  If you have any doubt what to do, always STOP.

Celebrate My Drive:  This is teen driving awareness campaign sponsored by State Farm giving our district a chance to win a grant of $100,000 and a concert by Grammy Award-winning artist, Kelly Clarkson (our good neighbor from Burleson).  Here’s how to help:

  • Go to and complete the form.
  • Commit to safe driving on behalf of Midlothian High School.
  • Do this once per day everyday from through Oct. 26th (Saturday).

While our little learners may not be driving to school just yet, it is never too early to teach safe driving and bus practices daily.  After all, they do watch what we do on the roads…you can count on it!  😉

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