The star inside…

Why I love my work today:

The teacher asked, “Show me a little red house with no windows and no doors, with a star inside.”  The children pondered…IMG_0069

Such begins the delightful story and activity I participated in with a group of young learners today.  Taken from Margaret McNamara and Brian Karas’ book, The Apple Orchard Riddle, this clever old riddle offers a new twist in a beautiful children’s picture book.  Young readers discover the answer to the important questions, take a tour of a real apple orchard, and pick up bushels of apple facts along the journey.

  • Child:  Mrs. Van, what’s your favorite kind of apple to eat?
  • Me:  I really like gala apples to eat with my peanut butter, but Granny Smith apples bake the best in my pies and cakes.
  • Child:  Did you know each apple has a star inside?  I think you have a star inside too.

I can only hope, little friend 🙂 …here’s hoping you have the real opportunity to share an apple orchard experience with your little star sometime soon!

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