Sock Hops and the POWER of Miller Pink!

As the teacher asked the question, I knew this answer was coming:  “What is one important thing we have now we didn’t have 10 years ago?”  The child responded, “ME!”  🙂  “We also didn’t have a LaRue Miller Elementary School, but I’m certainly glad we do now!”  🙂  Where would we be without both?

SockHopIn the past few days, we’ve studied our past to open the doors of possibilities for our future; in other words, we’ve celebrated some extraordinary milestones.  Family events like our annual PTO Sock Hop brought out an enormous crowd on a gloomy Friday evening sockhop1where energy, dance moves, and the laughter were high.  The Photo Booth alone provided two solid hours of entertainment and the results are simply amazing!  Thanks to our many PTO moms and dads, our LME staff members, and our learning community for creating a festive evening of family fun!

HanzFranz1Hanz and Franz made their appearance on last week to remind us of the POWER of Miller this year.  With an updated carpenter wardrobe and tool belts stocked with tools, they arrived on scene to “pump us up!”  We look forward to the big event on Thursday, September 25th throughout the day; we hope you join us.

Today, we celebrated the return of our beloved pink1Mrs. Bly in fifth grade by “pinking out” our campus.  Students, parents, and staff members showed their support by “Standing UP to Cancer,” wearing pink, and cheering her return to class.!  As one wise young friend reminded me, “Because we never know what it’s really like to walk in someone’s shoes, we need to be kind anyway; it’s hard being a person…”  Yep, little one; from sock hops to the POWER of pink, we’re all in this together

Pirates and POWER and Socks…oh my!

Pirates took over the second grade today and IMG_0465raided the entire school using their GPS devices, clues, and cleverness to track down the stolen treasure.  While I have no idea how or even why the treasure mysteriously appeared in Captain Van’s quarters, it goes without saying there was some explaining to do…  🙂

IMG_3262Meanwhile, the POWER of Miller was heard and felt as the gym (filled to capacity with eager participants and inflatables) enJOYed a special POWER day of interactive events.  Thanks Coach Rogers and the specials team for coordinating and keeping us safe and happy during six rotation-station special sessions today!  WHEW!  Speaking of the POWER of Miller, you are probably wanting to know some results:

  • Total raised so far:  $14,100 (keep sending in $$$!)
  • Top four charity choices from your voting:  Parkland Burn Center Camp, American Cancer Society, Manna House, and PAWS for Reflection

As promised, we will give our 10% back to our community by dividing it into these top four family-selected organizations within the next two weeks!  As a side note, we made an executive decision to narrow down our cancer choice this time to a specific student in our local community, Ethan Hallmark, who is fighting cancer once again.  He is a strong role model and shining example of great strength and courage; he is also well-connected to our learning community and we want to help him during this important time.  Our portion to the ACS will now go to Ethan’s Bucket List charity (if you have a concern about us narrowing this choice to someone specific, please notify the front office to talk with me about it).

Finally, the socks started flying this afternoon as preparations were being made for the annual PTO Sock Hop and Classic Car Show tonight at LME.  We look forward to seeing everyone, enJOYing some great music and treats, and spending time with our families.

Between the pirates, the POWER, and the socks, this week is a wrap.  EnJOY a fabulous fall weekend!

A Sock Hop, some sodas, and those classic cars…

We celebrated the end of this week with our annual PTO Sock Hop, Classic Car Show, and the first Family Night Event of our school year.  We certainly hopped into it tonight with our best moves, some sweet treats, cute photos, and lots of laughing conversations.  Every type of music from those 50’s classics to present-day group dances were cleverly spun for fun in the gym with laser lights and twinkling brights.  Students shared new dance moves, taught the adults some interesting steps, and shared some laughs (sometimes at our expense).  I was specifically told, “you’ve got some interesting moves there, but you might want to adjust them at your age…or at least take an Advil tonight!”  Good advice . . .   🙂

We also enjoyed touring outside and talking with owners of several classic vehicles.  Several of our dads tested each other’s knowledge of each one (and that of the owners as well).  One little friend asked, “Will you show us how to burn rubber again?!”  🙂

Of course, none of this is possible without the many PTO volunteers and parents who spent countless hours organizing, planning, decorating, checking everyone in, serving soda floats and other treats, dancing, laughing, and welcoming new friends to our LME Family.  Our highly active PTO Board members this year are:  Angela Shaver, Gayle Turner, Nicole Blackmon, Kirsten Wilson, Wendy Hein, Khristi Hullett, Amy Byers, Tracy Brown, Keisha Buchanan, Stacy Moore-Helms, Lori Walk, Christie Clenney, Julie Bates, Cara Roberson, and Heather Cooper.  Please watch the PTO website @ and “like” them on Facebook (LaRue Miller PTO) for the latest updates and information throughout the school year.  PTO is the lifeline of our campus everyday and we can’t imagine having school without them!  Ladies, you always ROCK IT here at Miller and tonight was no exception!

Family events such as tonight bring our entire learning community together to relax, enjoy, and celebrate.  Our thanks to everyone involved–those who assisted, who attended, and who chose to spend a glorious autumn evening here with us at LME!