Oh, the places we’ll go…

I had the honor today of reading to a sweet new friend coming to our Printcampus this year.  He chose the Dr. Suess book Oh The Places You’ll Go as his preference and we gathered together on the sofa for a few moments of shared reading time while his mom completed her “homework.”  I was instantly struck by this child’s questions, his curiosity, and his charming wit, not to mention his enthusiasm for learning to read in the days ahead.  “I will read with my new teacher on the first day, won’t I?”  (and believe me when I say I will make certain this occurs).  In fact, his entire attitude about starting school in a new place warmed my heart!  You see, this is his fifth school in one year of formal education; he is accustomed to moving and making new friends at a tender young age.  His resiliency and desire for learning are strong; he forges ahead with great passion.  His parting comment to me today: “We ARE off to great places so we’re on our way, Mrs. Van!”  🙂  Welcome to LaRue Miller Elementary little friend; oh the places we’ll go indeed!

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