UPstander or bystander…it’s your choice!

Day #2; reality begins to set in; routines and expectations continue to be established; Miller Team Rally starts our day…What a JOY to speak to smiling, eager learners and classroom leaders to start our second day of school!  We shared introductions, a little role play fun, some conversation, and a few Miller Moves.  One of my favorite stories of the day involved a Kinder friend.  The teacher asked him to turn around to face her at the calendar “unless you also have eyes in the back of your head.”  The child quickly turned around and commented, “No, but my mom sure does!”  🙂  Out of the mouths of babes…

A definite highlight today was the start of our STAND UP “Book Tour.”  I covered all our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade homeroom classes sharing the story and reflecting on its powerful impact.  What a personal JOY to spend time UPstander1with learners of all ages, reading, talking, and collecting thoughts about how our learning community will become UPstanders.   Mr. Morgan’s class continued the conversation long after I left and later shared some of their creative, collaborative, innovative ideas with me.  Outstanding work, 3rd graders!

We are starting this powerful conversation at LME and invite our entire learning community to join us on this journey.  What will YOU do to be an UPstander instead of a bystander today?

Note:  Morning arrival traffic is going well.  We continue to work on afternoon dismissal and appreciate your patience–it was much better on Day #2!  Keep up the safe driving!