First Day Fabulousness and Sunshine to Spare!

First day…cheers and (some) tears…smiles and (a few) trials…overall, a great success!  As we started unloading big yellows in the early morning sunrise, a young friend bounded down the steps onto the sidewalk and threw herself at me with a big laugh:  “I just LOVE all this first day fabulousness!”  🙂  “What do you think of my fabulous first day outfit and new haircut?”  Eager to the get the year going, she volunteered to assist at the door to greet friends, share smiles, and help our Kinder friends find their way.  Later at lunch, she hugged me again, “By the way, Mrs. Van…everyone looks so fabulous in their new Miller staff shirts; teachers should wear uniform school shirts everyday.”  🙂  (We actually have several who would agree too.)  She even ended the day loading the bus again while telling me about her favorite part–“fabulous math games!”  🙂  I think it’s safe to say her day was “fabulous.”

Likewise several stories surfaced throughout the day of teachers spreading extra “sunshine” to each other in creative, innovation ways.  IMG_3170Ms. Daniell shared a basket of sunshine (everything in the basket was yellow) with each of her first grade teammates, including new LME teacher, Katie Bergvall.  Our PTO Board shared yummy treats and eats with our new parents during the annual BooHoo/YaHoo Back-to-School Breakfast following the morning announcements.  Several LME volunteers, including our own school namesake, Mrs. LaRue Miller, were on hand to welcome and greet learners and their families, share a hug, listen to summer stories, or give a high-five.  Yes, it was day of overall fabulousness with some sunshine to spare.  Welcome back to LME and to the 2013-2014 school year!  🙂