Trike Town Fever

triketown1For nearly five years now, our littlest learners have enJOYed the outdoor interactive area we affectionately call Miller Trike Town.  Based on a model we visited, our Special Education staff went to work to complete a grant to assist in funding this creative educational area.  Once approved (thanks Midlothian Education Foundation), the design and implementation were successfully completed; we are still in operation today!

Some Head Start friends met outside with our PPCD friends to triketown3work through various stations while riding the track and following safety signs.  They stop to order some eats and treats, check out a book from the local library, and even fill their tanks with gas at the pumps.  The language, personal conversations, social skills, and safety practice are just some of the many educational opportunities experienced while they “work.”  In reality, our students just think they are playing.  As one friend shared with me, “I’ve got Trike Fever!”  🙂  Ride on…

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