Momma’s Day!

During morning walk-about, a young friend stopped to share this conversation:momsday

  • Child:  Hey, Mrs. Van!  I have something to say!
  • Me:  I’m ready; say it!
  • Child:  We’ve been thanking our teacher and the nurse all week, but now it’s time to thank my momma.  Look at my QR code card I made to share with her!  She can scan it and then hear my beautiful voice!
  • Me:  This is amazing!  WOW!  So what’s the best thing about your momma?
  • Child:  Well, she makes me fries with cheese, cuts my apples for my lunch, and tucks my brother into bed each night.
  • Me:  Does she tuck you in too?
  • Child:  I’m too big for that now, silly!  But she does tuck her momma into bed now and helps her do other stuff which means I’ll have to help her like that someday too.  She says to her, “I just don’t know how you did it, momma.”  Really, everyday is momma’s day at our house…   🙂

Three generations living in one home sharing and caring and making memories for the future…what a blessing!  So for all you moms out there, just know that in a small yet powerful way, every day is Momma’s Day for you!  🙂  Celebrate and enJOY!