#thanksA learner brought this poem by my office today; he found it on Twitter (I love learning from our digital natives everyday!):

Words cannot express our thanks for all you do on a daily basis,

Helping students realize they can reach much higher places.

Advocating, motivating, and educating is just part of what you do,

Teaching is an art and each student your canvas too.

It’s not a job just anyone can do and most people don’t understand,

The most crucial part of your job can’t be learned or even properly planned.

The parts of painting on the canvas cannot always be found in a book,

It’s embedded in your heart which is often overlooked.

So today we say “Thank You” ’cause you don’t hear it enough,

The picture your paint today, tomorrow may be worth a million bucks!

Thanks, JD, for sharing this find and reminding all of us to #thankateacher!  🙂