Live good…

“If we live good lives, the times are also good.  As we are, such are the times.”  ~St. Augustine~

A fourth grade friend stopped by the office this morning to share a book with me.  You see, he picked it out and wanted to read it with me.  I have to admit…being a Thursday morning and knowing I had several items to “check off the list” before leaving the campus for a principal meeting, I nearly asked for a rain-check for later in the day.  Fortunately, my loving office staff insisted I stop for a moment (they are called bulldogs for a reason, you know!).  🙂

  • Child:  This little book screamed you, Mrs. Van!
  • Me:  WOW…I love the title and your passion for it already!
  • Child:  Well, my teacher says it should say Live Well, but who cares about grammar anyway?!  🙂  It’s like that Life Is Good book and t-shirt you shared and love so much.  This book is filled with quotes and you can use them in your morning message now.
  • Me:  Let’s read then . . . (we spend about 15 minutes reading and talking through each page filled with inspirational thought, quotes, and challenges to live by daily).

You see, this learner, even at the tender age of 9, obviously makes a choice everydaylivegood to live good by doing good…like sharing a book with me, talking about ideas, doing his best to figure out his plan.  It’s humbling to share with him.  As he handed me the book to keep, he left me with these words:  “Look for what is good and you will find it.”  Live good!  🙂

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