We enJOYed a special Miller Rally this morning where we talked about The Reluctant Groundhog by Dan Slottje.  In this clever story, Gracie the Groundhog, by default, must replace the retired Marvin (since he moved away to Arizona) in predicting the annual spring forecast.  As expected, Gracie is hesitant to accept this new role for fear of failing the animals.  The wise Professor Owl steps in to remind Gracie “the only thing you have to be afraid of is not doing your personal best.”  Gracie decides if she tries and does her best, then she will succeed.  When she accurately predicts the arrival of spring, the animals celebrate her success and she shares, “It’s simple—just believe in yourself.”

This story is most appropriate today especially since IMG_0030Mrs. Bass and I celebrated our second MVP Social with all our Miller MVPs chosen so far this school year.  The MVP status is quite an achievement of personal excellence here at Miller.  Those chosen go well above and beyond in their social as well as academic achievements.  Our MVPs truly represent by their daily actions how they believe in themselves and others.  They walk Gracie Groundhog’s talk about doing their personal best in order to excel.  Congratulations to these leading learners who are setting the bar high in all areas!  As one friend noted, “Like you always say, Mrs. Van, MVPs have ‘standards and ‘quirements!”  🙂   Here’s hoping our own groundhog shares his “standards and requirements” well tomorrow; we’re ready for some spring around LME!

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