Welcome Home, Ethan!

IMG_1177LME was all abuzz this morning…Ethan came back to school today!  His fourth grade class met him at the door with lots of posters, cards, notes, and more.  Ethan will be able to join them part-time for the next few weeks while he completes his final treatments.  He air-hugged me (this is safest for him right now) and told me, “The first question I asked my doctor last week IMG_1179was if I could come back to school…he said, ‘How can I argue with this request?!'”  Although it was quite obvious this morning, Ethan reminded me that he loves his friends, his Miller family, the support of our community, and the chance to be a “real student” at LME once again.

Ethan, we are so very proud of your courage, your strength, and your strong example of grace in the face of unimaginable circumstances.  Air hugs to you and welcome home!  🙂