LEAPing into the day…

Happy Leap Day!  Happy Leap Year!  Some of our Miller Bell reporters (RaeAnn, Macee, and Madi) opened our morning message with this clever poem:

  • Some months have just 30 days; the rest have 31.
  • But one month has a neat surprise; in fact, it’s kind of fun!
  • The days of February number only 28;
  • But add one more for leap year and we celebrate!

So I asked, “What is leap year exactly?”  As expected, they were read for my question.  It seems that Julius Caeser introduced leap year to the Roman Empire over 2,000 years ago.  In reality, the use of the leap year each four years keeps our calendar in alignment with the Earth’s revolutions around the sun.  In 365 days, 45 minutes, and 46 seconds, the Earth revolves around the sun.  Thus, if we didn’t have leap year (with the added 24 hours each four years), we would lose six hours off our calendar.  After 100 years, our calendar would then be off by 24 days!  WHEW!  That’s some math to solve!  The girls also shared with us several ideas for using this extra 24 hours today (funny, no extra school hours were mentioned…).  🙂  Here’s hoping this has you LEAPing into lots of options on this special day!

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