Dream it; plan it; do it…

There’s a mantra hanging on the wall in the team meeting room at the Moncrief-Neuhaus Athletic Center on the campus of the University of Texas:  “Dream it; plan it; do it.”  When the football team meets in this particular room with Head Coach Mack Brown, it is obvious they will discuss teamwork; there are no pictures of individuals anywhere in this particular learning environment.  There are, however, specific dates on the walls commemorating team wins in various categories with open commas in place for the future dates to be displayed (I was really intrigued by these open commas on the wall—“not if, but when“).

I had the surprising pleasure of touring this facility with Coach Ken Rucker today following a stimulating conversation with Coach Mack Brown on leadership.  Both coaches spoke about how what we do in the young formative years shapes the future for every child.  We have to “dream more and learn more in order to do more and become more.”  Furthermore, it’s not “what we teach but what students learn.”  Whether we’re talking football or science, we need the common purpose in order to experience success . . . here’s hoping we all dream it; plan it; do it!

Note: I’ll have much more to blog on this extraordinary experience, but for now, I’m so grateful for the leadership opportunities given today!

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