…Because kindness matters…

I was surprised first thing this morning by some members of the KC Club (Kindness and Compassion) here at Miller.  They brought me beautiful hand-written cards, notes, and letters from KC Club students as well as a box of my favorite Girl Scout cookies (Thin Mints)—just what I needed to start my day!  Our KC Club is open to any Miller student who wishes to share caring and courtesy with others.  The notes they shared with me today included words of encouragement and special thanks for a variety of things:

  • “Thanks for a fun field trip with the WHOLE school and making memories with us.”
  • “Thanks for all you do for us; we appreciate you!”
  • “You are the most awesomest princiPAL ever!”
  • “Thanks for riding my bus with me and helping nurse in the clinic.”
  • “Thanks for helping us learn stuff and all that.”
  • “Morning messages make me smile, think, and laugh.”
  • “Just like our HotSteppers, you ROCK! (Your jump-roping could use some work)” 🙂
  • “Thanks for caring about us a kids in our school.”
  • “You put us first just like our teacher does.”
  • “We love you and are so blessed by your leadership.”

Perhaps I should retire right now . . . wonder what Mr. Van would have to say?  🙂  These expressions of love and appreciation are truly treasured.  These precious gifts of time, thoughts, and thanks will carry me many miles on our educational journey in the coming months.  I was always taught to be “kinder than necessary because kindness matters . . . besides, you cannot do a kindness too soon for you never know when it will be too late.”  We are blessed at LME and expressions such as these this morning only confirm it.  Here’s hoping a random act of kindness comes your way because kindness matters!

Note:  Don’t forget it’s our annual Jump Rope for Heart Event on Friday!

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