Creative Minds, Successful Learners, and Classroom Leaders…

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, “Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of training.”  This was the opening line to an educational forum I recently attended where the panel of educational experts shared their collective wisdom and powerful reflections with the audience in attendance.  Each speaker reminded me of some critical touchpoints about creative minds, successful learners, and their classroom leaders:

  • They invest regularly in their personal growth.  With the assistance of involved parents, community members, and mentors, they receive the critical support needed to survive and thrive with success in school.  Thank you, LaRue Miller Learning Community for giving your time, gifts, and service to us daily!
  • They become real thinkers and problem solvers with savvy solutions, not just creators of problems.  We have to teach thinking in conceptual ways and not just the basic steps or procedures involved in the process.  Our evolving elementary math program in Midlothian ISD is a great example of this innovative “disruption” in school—like we do our guided reading literacy groups, we now incorporate math small groups to target specific learner needs on a daily basis.
  • They share what they learn in the form of learning communities.  For example, at Miller, our Study Buddy Program provides numerous learning opportunities for older learners to work directly with younger learners to enhance the teaching and learning for everyone.  Through the collaborative work of creative teachers, our students reap huge benefits from sharing with one another.  (I recently blogged about this.)
  • They become a team (or “Miller Family” as we like to say).  Personal growth and commitment to one another, a sense of community pride, an emphasis on helping others, and taking responsibility for personal actions become key components to overall educational excellence.  We work way beyond “the basics.”

It is my opinion that schools today look, sound, smell, and feel differently than when I attended as a student . . . how about you??  Here’s hoping we all continue this school journey at Miller with open and creative minds so our learners and their classroom leaders continue to achieve personal excellence daily!

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