Birds of Prey!

The Birdman, Kevin Gaines, and his trusty sidekick, Jordan, visited our campus yesterday.  We were treated to an exciting presentation by Sky Kings Falconry.  They are dedicated to the education and preservation of our planet’s wildlife.  They also employ the natural abilities of wildlife to help reverse serious environmental issues in our world.  This powerful demonstration featured a hawk, a falcon, owls, and a vulture.  Did you know that the Eurasian Eagle owl is the largest in the world?  Our students got to see one up close and in flight!

The program specifically focused on natural history, the unique traits of each bird of prey, and the natural abilities and talents of these clever creatures.  One student commented to me afterwards:  “Mrs. Van, the facts, like why the bird is bald (because of bacteria on the head)—that was cool!”  🙂  

Special thanks, once again, to the Ramirez family for securing this extraordinary opportunity for all our learners and classroom leaders at LME and to Mrs. Clark, photographer extraordinaire, for sharing her amazing photos with us.  Here’s hoping you spot an incredible bird of prey while taking a walk or hike soon!

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