Dear Santa…

“Dear Santa Claus,  It’s me again reminding you I’m here, and that I’m making my list easier this year…”  Such is the start of a child’s clever writing; impressive, huh?!  Letters abound these days here at Miller.  Several classes mailed lots of letters to service men and women serving overseas during the holidays.  We had a class come down to the office to officially mail a huge envelope of them together.  One class reported to me that they sent them via a parent who was traveling to Canada this week; they wanted them mailed from Canada so they “get to the North Pole faster this year!” 🙂

In a previous blog, I shared how my sister and I always wrote our letters together and wouldn’t share the contents with anyone.  Sharing special wishes is important and whether your family writes letters to Santa or not, it’s always fun to share.  So here’s the  Christmas Question today:  What is your perfect Christmas or holiday wish (or gift) and how will you share it with others this year?  Here’s hoping several interesting conversations are sparked by thoughts of special wishes throughout the holiday season!

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